Technologies & Services

Listed below are a number of the tools used by Better Breathing Project Coaches to move you or your loved one in the right direction.

 Respiratory Fitness Training

RF Training entails effort on the client’s end to re-normalize CO2 levels in the circulatory system. Although it takes a person out of their comfort zone, it is very effective at building respiratory fitness with relatively little time commitment. Personalized coaching coupled with client commitment to daily habit change exercises will have a profound impact on physiology within a month. Several meditation practices are included in the E-book to assist the process. RF coaching (in person or over Skype/Zoom) is great prep-work to biofeedback and Tech Assisted Meditation. We encourage signing up with a friend or family member to bring down expenses, increase accountability to goals and make the practice more enjoyable. If interested, please email  Your 1st consultation session includes an RF-Guidebook ($40 value).  A $50 biofeedback device is also recommended and can be ordered at onset of training.

CapnoTraining–  Breathing Assessment and Training


Capnotraining is a unique style of biofeedback that measures exhaled CO2 levels, heart rate, heart-rate variability and muscle tension (EMG). Exhaled CO2 corresponds directly with CO2 levels in the bloodstream. Per details provided in the FAQ’s, maintaining a proper CO2 level is critical to interstitial fluid pH, dilation of blood vessels for better blood flow, dilation of smooth muscles in the gut and bronchial tract, electrolyte balance, O2 delivery and more. Capnometry provides a direct window into physiology and allows the client to see how changes in breathing affect changes in CO2 levels, heart-rate, HRV and EMG. Assessments and training on a capnotrainer are very effective for modifying sub-par breathing or objectively determining respiratory fitness improvement gains  — those that support health, performance and well-being. RF training with a simple to use home-based biofeedback device is typically provided as homework to shrink the number of captaining sessions required to bring physiology back into balance.

Capnotraining also measures heart-rate and heart rate variability — providing a window into the health of one’s cardiovascular fitness. EMG is yet another measurement offered on the CapnoTrainer, allowing (if need be) for the down training of muscle tension in the head or body. Clinical use of biofeedback has efficacy in reducing asthma symptoms, tension headaches, anxiety and occasional migraines. Capnometry assessments and learning can only be accomplished in person and is part of a Better-Being training package. RF individual or group coaching sessions are also included as part of this package.


BioField Energy Assessments for Preventative Health


BioField assessments offer a quick window into an individual’s emotional and physiological stress or well-being. This technology provides a view of organ health and energy as well as psychophysiological balance. Scan results can confirm known issues and over time highlight new potential risks long before they manifest into further complications. The results can be motivational toward implementing alternative courses of action or behavior based on assessment results. For acute conditions, appropriate practitioner care will be suggested. This assessment can only be accomplished in a personal session and is part of theBetter-Being training package.


BioFeedback  – Tech Assisted Meditation Training


Many individuals are unknowingly in a chronic state of low to high-level stress. When triggered by an event, feeling or thought, adrenaline gets activated and the nervous system shifts into overdrive. Breathing and heart rate increase, pupils dilate, and the body sweats a bit more. As mentioned in FAQ’s, this allows one to better deal with stressors at hand. Unfortunately, events or thoughts not warranting a stress response subconsciously turn on the alarm system. If it happens often enough (especially in the developmental years) it can re-normalize physiology to an “on” or “semi-on” position leaving the individual with a mild to a strong case of often undiagnosed PTSD. Their symptoms, which often include poor sleep, are a function of recalibrated physiology. For those who prefer not to depend on medications for relief, biofeedback training (computer feedback of one’s second to second heart-rate, heart-rate variability, sweat response and muscle tension) builds resilience to stressors. It trains the nervous system how to more quickly return to a non-aroused, coherent, and relaxed state. With ongoing training, alarm bells start to dissipate as the adrenal response calms and the system re-normalizes. Apart from reducing the stress response mechanism, biofeedback also serves as an accelerated route to awareness training and emotional balance, in turn improving self-regulation, inner calm, quality sleep and overall health. From a clinical perspective, many practitioners successfully use biofeedback to treat individuals with the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Tension Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • IBS
  • Raynaud’s Syndrome (cold hands and feet)
  • PTSD

While much of this training is done in an office setting, there are an ever growing number of low cost/home based biofeedback tools coming onto the market designated as wellness tools.  Your can help you decide if one of these transformative technologies is right for you.   Note:  The intent of the Better Being Project is one of helping individuals learn new behaviors to improve health, performance and well-being.  We do not claim to cure or work on any diagnosed medical conditions.

Neurofeedback — Tech Assisted Meditation Training (TAM)

Professional practitioners have used neurofeedback for decades to help patients with a wide variety of mental health conditions. I (author of the website) have used a wide variety neurofeedback modalities on myself, family and many clients. Many of these tools such as meditation and/or Tech Assisted Meditation are anti-aging and peak performance practices that are offered as part of a health and personal growth regimen.  This can be very effective for helping dynamic families help their teens and tweens through those adolescent years.  Even subtle thoughts can activate the nervous system. Without an effort to tame the mind, thoughts and feelings trigger hormones and neurotransmitters that cause emotional strife.

For those new to meditation or those with a distracted mind, TAM serves as ideal training wheels for building the attention and awareness required for inner peace and deeper states of consciousness. Quieting the mind also develops perception and intuition that go beyond our five senses.

With a little investment, meditation tames away cravings and irritations making life as it unfolds much easier to handle. It can also open the door to alternative viewpoints and perspectives. Heart-based Meditation increases compassion toward oneself and others. Open-Focus meditation increases alpha-waves, thereby creating a more relaxed and open state. Capacities for attention, intuition, acceptance, courage, calm and balance take root and create a solid footing for a more fluid way of moving through life.


Neuro-Synchrony – Tech Assisted Meditation Training (TAM)

Unbalanced attentional styles are often an underlying cause of excess stress, especially in the business world. The ability to move from narrow focus  –when working on the computer, under fixed deadlines, or dealing with an unruly co-worker)– to open focus (e.g., when in nature) is key to a more relaxed brainwave state, mental flexibility and rejuvenating sleep. Neuro-Synchrony training builds awareness of these states and rather quickly trains the subconscious ability to shift in and out of varied attentional styles and predominant brainwave states  -alpha, beta, theta; and to a lighter degree delta & gamma. This training serves as a catalyst for moving toward deeper states in meditation or more alert states of focus and attention — without coffee or other medicinals. While Neuro-Synchrony training utilizes analogue neurofeedback technology, it’s efficacy is a result of combining 5-sensor neurofeedback with audio-visual entrainment to move the brain toward the intended synchronous brainwave state.  Neuro-synchrony training is conducted at our office in Pleasanton, CA.


QEEG Based Neurofeedback

Customized protocols and training based on full QEEG brain-maps can be very helpful for those whoprefer customized training protocols based on the results of having an expert look at their brain-map and provide recommended protocols.  This is a more holistic and life changing alternative to prescription medications or plant medicines which most people habituate to in time.   Depending on how “stuck” one’s brain is, a minimum of 20 to 30 sessions is usually required to see permanent results.   Q-based neurofeedback is an accelerated form of consciousness training for those that can afford it.   We can also provide or rent out home training equipment for those that care to train in the comfort of their own home.


Applied Services

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  1. Free Better Breathing Educational Presentations – Offered throughout Bay Area
  2. Breathing Health Assessment & RF training: 2 hours of capnometry and preventative health (energy field) assessment, preliminary RF training and Tech Assisted Meditation guidance.  Email to book an appointment.  Cost: $300
  1. Better Being Training. $850 The BBP package:
  • (1) 2-hour consultation session: Capnometry biofeedback assessment and preliminary RF training;  BioField Energy /preventative health assessment, and a custom training plan for building Respiratory Fitness.  This also includes a personal RF biofeedback training device and RF guidebook.
  • (4) 1-hour training/coaching sessions over the course of 4-5 weeks. Each to include:
    • Tech-Assisted Meditation and/or biofeedback training for mental balance, consciousness shifts and
    • RF consultation, training and homework for building respiratory fitness.
    • Gut/Microbiome health consultation
  •  25% discounts apply when I can work with multiple family members concurrently.  This training is strongly encouraged for building family bonds when adolescents, teens or spouses also need to improve endurance/breathing health, emotional stability and/or attention skills.   In person, services are offered in Pleasanton, CA and Carlsbad, CA.  Please Email for an appointment.
  1. Out of town visits: Customized accelerated training can take place over the course of 3 to 5 days if you choose to visit the Bay Area for a “Better Being” vacation.  Family training is welcome when planned far enough in advance.

Note:   Paypal, cash, check or Venmo are accepted at this time.