Can Meditation or Neurofeedback Help  Me Breathe Better?

Yes.   With ongoing practice, meditation settles down an over-active autonomic nervous system (fight or flight).  Hence, it helps  settle respiration and heart rate.  Tech Accelerated Meditation or neurofeedback can speed up this process and is a very worthwhile undertaking for those with an overactive mind and generalized over-arousal.   With the right practitioner and a customized protocol, most modalities will also help build  inner calm and emotional balance. TAM and neurofeedback do cost money but can accelerate results and are certainly worthwhile endeavors for accelerating personal growth. Consumer grade neurofeedback technologies are gaining traction and can serve as training wheels for meditation.  I, personally, have used most types along with many other transformative technologies over the past 10 years.  Some are worthwhile some are a total waste of time and money.  Should you care for guidance on which might be best for your goals, please consider emailing  for a consultation.  See Technologies and Services for more information on TAM and neurofeedback.