What’s Wrong With Mouth Breathing?

“The mouth is designed for eating, the nose is designed for breathing”.

The mouth is a great “emergency back-up” when the nose is clogged, but unless swimming, 99% of breathing should be done through the nose. There are many reasons why:

  1. Chronic mouth breathing gives rise to over-breathing. The volume of air one can breathe through the mouth is twice as high as through the nose. As seen in a previous pictorial, the detriments to chronic over-breathing are quite serious to short and long-term health.
  2. Many dentists can recognize a chronic mouth breather by the shape of their face. Elongated face w/ often crooked teeth and a head forward position.


3. Not only is this unattractive but it sets the stage for respiratory and attention issues including asthma, snoring, apnea and ADD if not already in the mix. Parents of young children or infants should consider correcting mouth breathing early in life before a lifelong habit leads to these and other unhealthy results.


4. Mouth breathing at night brings in excess bacteria and is the perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate. Not good.