There are a couple ways to evaluate RF:

  1. By visiting a capnometry biofeedback analyst.  Capnometry biofeedback practitioners can assess CO2 levels, breathing behavior and respiratory fitness. It allows a client to become more familiar with their internal physiology (heart-rate, CO2 levels, muscle tension, HRV) upon a change in activity, change in mental state or change in breathing pattern.  Often, clients go home with biofeedback equipment so they can become more in tune with their own physiology at home and throughout their day.  This builds greater understanding around when life experiences are sending physiology out of balance and training skills are developed to bring it back into balance or make it more robust to begin with.
  2. By timing the “urge to breathe” upon waking in the morning and before getting out of bed. Here is the drill (no big breaths prior to this drill):
  • Inhale gently, then exhale half the breath through the nose;
  • Pinch the nose and start a timer.
  • Stop the timer upon the first urge to breathe.
  • Note: This is not a “how long can I hold my breath test”. Stop the timer at the initial urge.

At 12 seconds or less:. There is a very high probability that dysfunctional breathing and  low CO2 adaptation is making physiology fragile.  Symptoms from the Breathing Health Quiz are likely showing up.  RF training is needed unless there is a medical condition preventing such.

At 20 seconds: Breathing physiology is a bit better. Continue to build respiratory fitness and consider the possibility of embarking on Tech Assisted Meditation or customized meditation in the RF training guide-book to help calm any mental imbalances.

At 30 seconds: Your respiratory physiology is decent but not bulletproof. Additional CO2 adaptation will help ward off any remaining breathing related symptoms and illness.  Consider advanced RF training or Tech Assisted Meditation training if anti-aging, peak performance and consciousness growth are of interest.

At 40 seconds: You are in the top 0.1% for Respiratory Fitness! You are an expert breather and one with superb RF and CO2 adaptation. Consider Tech Assisted Meditation training to further consciousness growth and become more bulletproof.